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ShipBob is democratizing ecommerce and the ability to sell online, giving direct-to-consumer brands access to fast, accurate fulfillment to compete with the largest retailers. View our media coverage below.

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Alongside life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, you can now add another inalienable right: two-day shipping on practically everything. Mom-and-pop shops and even midsize retailers can no longer assume buyers will put up with getting their goods several days later…Sellers are turning to startups like ShipBob.

Christopher Mims, Technology columnist, The Wall Street Journal

DTC brands are making a run at Amazon’s ecommerce dominance thanks in part to a growing ecosystem of companies. Startups like ShipBob … are working with some of the most popular DTC brands. The DTC ecosystem could appeal to brands wary of giving up sensitive information to Amazon, a potential competitor.

As seen on CNBC,

The direct-to-consumer strategy is making a run at Amazon’s throne

Consumers are becoming ‘conditioned by the market’ to expect the same level of service from all online retailers. ShipBob and others are there to help consumers get their goods faster, and at the same time they’re helping a lot of these small- and medium-sized players compete against the likes of Amazon.

As seen in the Wall Street Journal,

ShipBob Raises Funding to Back E-Commerce Fulfillment Growth

By now the incumbents are stagnating. … Other service providers can pass on economies of scale once available only to consumer-goods giants. … Businesses such as ShipBob, a Chicago startup, do something similar with shipping, allowing small brands to offer faster, cheaper deliveries.

As seen in The Economist,

The growth of microbrands threatens consumer-goods giants

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