Welcome to the ShipBob Growth Plan

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The Growth Plan is our way of offering our world-class fulfillment services to pre-launch startups and companies shipping under 400 orders a month.

This is a self-service plan. We have a team of fulfillment experts who have crafted onboarding tools to help you through this self-service program with access to our support team and live Office Hours.

In this brief overview, we will go over pricing and account basics, including:

Here is how to get started:

➤ Review this document to learn how pricing works and instructions on how to link your ecommerce store and get started (we’ll send you some guides as well).

➤ Then you can reserve a spot in the next live ShipBob Office Hours webinar. These Office Hours are hosted by an Implementation Specialist and are FREE to anyone on the Growth Plan.

Bring your questions about account setup, feature use, integrations, order pricing, etc. and get your questions answered live. Don’t have questions? Attend virtually to listen to your fellow ecommerce business owners’ questions and learn best practices.

You can drop in at any time throughout these two-hour sessions.

Reserve your spot in our next live session.

➤ After you’ve attended ShipBob Office Hours, please:

    • Review all of our Onboarding Guides here.
    • Find answers 24/7 in our Support Center.
    • Email support at [email protected] with any additional questions after you’ve reviewed the information above


Thank you for choosing ShipBob as your fulfillment partner. We are excited to work alongside you to achieve your ecommerce goals.

ShipBob Growth Plan Pricing

At ShipBob, we offer simple pricing that consists of three core fees:

1. Receiving

  • $25 per inbound with accurately filled out WRO attached to shipment (includes 2 hours of receiving effort; additional time will cost $40/man hour)
  • If your inventory arrives without a WRO or with an inaccurate WRO, your cost is $25 + $25 each day the Unidentified Receiving Order (URO) remains until it gets resolved.

2. Storage

  • $5/month/bin (19in x 10in x 7in)
  • $10/month/shelf (34in x 19in x 19in)
  • $40/month/pallet (48in x 40in x 54in)
  • Only one SKU per location (bin, shelf, or pallet) is allowed.
  • These costs are prorated (i.e., if your product is stored on a pallet and sells out halfway through the month, you will be invoiced $20 in storage costs, not $40).

3. Total Fulfillment Cost an all-in-one fee for picking, packing, packaging materials, and a shipping label for each order shipped) includes:

View your pricing plan here and shipping zones.

Next Steps & Account Setup With ShipBob

Now that you have your pricing, here are the next steps to successfully get your ecommerce business configured with ShipBob. We highly recommend following these steps in order. If you get stuck or have any questions along the way, please reserve your spot for ShipBob Office Hours!

1. Intro to ShipBob (View Guide)

  • Review pricing (Completed)
  • Review service level agreements
  • Review how dimensional weight affects pricing
  • Review how shipping zones affect pricing
  • Understand product limitations and restrictions
  • Review your onboarding support ecosystem

2. Initial Account Setup (View Guide)

  • Integrate your store
  • Add products and configure preferences
  • Review how dimensional weight affects pricing
  • Set up shipping preferences
  • Send inventory with the Warehouse Receiving Order (WRO) process

3. Post-Inventory Setup (View Guide)

  • Review order statuses
  • Access tracking information
  • Manage account notifications and invite users
  • Set up returns preferences
  • Configure ship option mapping

4. Account Review & Go Live (View Guide)

  • Create a test order
  • Understand your Billing page
  • Understand your Customers page
  • Understand your Order Details page
  • Register for Office Hours to get expert advice
  • Review your support ecosystem

ShipBob FAQs

Is there an onboarding fee for the Growth Plan?
No, there is no onboarding fee for merchants as this is a self-service plan.

What are the turnaround times for each of your services?

Where are you fulfillment centers located?

  • For a complete list of locations and receiving hours please visit this page.
  • We do not offer on-site visits at this time. Take virtual tour.

When and how am I billed?

  • Receiving inventory is charged after we stow away your products successfully.
  • Storage is charged the last day of every month.
  • Orders processed are invoiced by end of that day.

Do my items need to have a barcode?
No, we do not require a barcode on your item. We can accommodate any 1D barcode.

Can I send inventory from my manufacturer/supplier/Amazon directly to you?
All incoming inventory must have a matching Warehouse Receiving Order in the ShipBob dashboard and have a physical copy of the WRO on each box. Failure to do so or sending unlabelled products will result in a $25/day/package fee on your account and void the 3 business day receiving SLA. Learn more about Unidentified Receiving Orders here.

I’m ready to ship. What’s next?
If you can check the boxes off below, then you’re off to the races! If you can’t at this time, then please review the guides on the previous page or email us at [email protected] so we can answer any additional questions you have.

  • I understand my pricing plan, shipping zones, and dimensional weight.
  • I will ship all of my inventory according to the Warehouse Receiving Order process.
  • I have completed my store integration and updated my packaging preferences.