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Streamline your banking with Mercury and ShipBob

Mercury provides FDIC-insured US bank accounts to global startups & ecommerce businesses. Create virtual debit cards, track your cash flow, and easily manage Shopify, Stripe, Amazon, and PayPal integrations. Zero monthly fees and zero minimum balance requirements.

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ShipBob + Mercury Technology

Modern banking built for ecommerce businesses.

Accessible online banking

Open an FDIC-insured U.S. bank account without stepping foot outside your door. Non-US residents are welcome to apply.

Expect features not fees.

Get checking and savings accounts, cards, and payments without the minimums or hidden fees.

Create virtual debit cards

Add virtual debit cards instantaneously for payments to vendors like Facebook, Shopify, Amazon, and anywhere else you use cards online.

Send payments globally

Send money with three clicks by wire, check, or ACH.

easy integration

Connect to any payment processor

Connect to any payment processor.

Bookkeeper friendly

Find any transaction you’ve ever made in seconds, and integrate with Gusto, Quickbooks and other tools in your financial stack.

ShipBob Partners

Banking and fulfillment built for startups.

Customer Success

What our customers say…

The two most important turning points at BarkMute were the incorporation of both Mercury for our finances and ShipBob to automate our shipping logistics. Both companies have a great point in common: Doing everything in them is simple, easy, fast, and secure. ShipBob’s shipping costs, like all other expenses in our business, are paid with mercury. Payments are always processed correctly, and we never had a problem with them, which helped jumpstart our business tremendously. Every time we scale, ShipBob can ship all of our orders on the same day they are made, and we pay with Mercury for them day after day without any problem. We think they are the perfect combo for any B2C startup that sells physical goods.

Marcos Ballester, Founder of BarkMute

Using Mercury and Shipbob together has been a totally seamless experience. Mercury makes partnering with Shipbob easy to do and takes away the hassle. With previous banks, they would struggle with the regular payments made to 3PL services, sometimes blocking payments – but Mercury has been easy and simple from the get-go.

Michelle Barnes, Founder of LifeMapCollective

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