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Leverage your ShipBob data to get financing

Kickpay is financing built specifically for e-commerce companies. Leverage your inventory and shipment data to unlock higher $ limits, variable payback and cheaper rates.

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ShipBob + Kickpay

Unlock capital tied up in 3PL inventory.

Variable payback

Only repay after your inventory ships from ShipBob. If no inventory ships tomorrow, you don’t repay anything tomorrow.

Higher limits & cheaper rates

Leverage your historic inventory and shipment data from ShipBob to get more attractive rates. This data allows Kickpay to reduce our loss rates. We pass those savings onto you.

Easy integration

Instantly connect your ShipBob account to Kickpay. In a few minutes we’ll have all the data needed to start putting an offer together for you.

Adjustable credit limits

Fast growing companies need credit limits that can grow as fast as them. We can adjust your limit every 2 months.

Stack multiple loans

Kickpay realizes you may need capital at different times for different uses. You can get a new loan without having to pay the first one off entirely.

No personal guarantee

We believe in your company data and think personal guarantees and an unnecessary burden on any founder.

Customer Stories

What Kickpay customers have to say

We went from scary unpredictable spikes in cashflow with our COGS to a pretty smooth expense that simply scales linearly with our sales. That’s a lot easier to manage.

Khalil Zahar

CEO at Fightcamp

Before Kickpay, we wasted time pulling financials and building models for traditional working capital loans. Kickpay plugs into Shopify so we waste zero time on diligence and can focus on growing the business.

Polly Rodriguez

CEO at Unbound

Kickpay is the only tool the business is dependent on.

Matt Vroom

CEO at Henge Docks

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ShipBob + Kickpay

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